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  1. I've been using Evernote for a while now and the lack of a zoom feature for PDFs makes it almost unusable with those documents. If you could change the zoom setting somehow rather than having to open the pdf in a completely different program that would be incredibly helpful.
  2. I went through that discussion but I don't think that's the same issue. This isn't one note that reverted back to a previous version, thi si a complete data set that appears to be a couple weeks old. i could live with one note messed up, but this is everything I've done in the past 2 - 3 weeks!!
  3. I opened Evernote today to find my files from a few weeks ago are showing up and all the changes and additions I've made from the past two or three weeks are gone. Any suggestions? This is obviously a critical and huge issue with Evernote --- If I can't be fully confident of my notes this program is entirely unusable!!!
  4. I am using Evernote on my Android tablet (Asus Transformer TF700) and I have a problem with the display when I am using the keyboard. When I am typing on the screen it works fine. WHen I use the keyboard, it works fine if I just type and keep going. The problem comes in when I go back in the text I've typed and hit 'return' a few times to make room to add new text. Hitting 'return' a few times a creates a few blank lines but doesn't move the text down on the screen. So when I start typing it ends up showing up on top of the text I've already typed. When I close the note and re-open it everything appears properly. Anyone have any suggestions for how to fix this?
  5. I've been adding web pages to evernote and when I do they strip out some of the css that messes up the way the page is laid out. It often shows all the navigation as a list right at the top of the note. Is there any way to save web pages to Evernote that keeps the formatting, so the page looks like the original?
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