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  1. "It appears the the app assumed my email extension. I had to remove it when entering my username". I get this new popup window with username prepopulated. This is the correct username. The password works on login to evernote online, iphone and other computers (under order software version of evernote.) The problem appears related to the latest update. I have also reset password. Tried entering email address in popup username field on the off chance Still unable to login to Evernote on my computer though
  2. This is on 3.1.0 Beta 2 that login is failing. Is there a way to relaod previous version?
  3. Just opened up Evernote to be greated with a new splash window requesting username and password. However, l get a msg that the username and/or password is incorrect. This is not the case as l have logged into my online account with same username and password. Can you assist ( preferably without having to change all the details in my various devices ). Colin
  4. Hi, I just upgraded to premuim, having watched the video "How to use the Wacom Tablet with...". The narrative says it works with Windows and Mac, which l assumed was a premium product as it wasn't in the free version. Are you saying that l cannot use the facility as detailed on the video, because its not mac compatable? :shock:
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