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  1. Thanks for the comments. JMichaelTX in particular articulated a lot of relevant thoughts on this that I've been wrestling with without quite knowing how to articulate them or integrate them into something actionable.I'll take my time, and keep you guys posted. Meanwhile, keep the comments coming.
  2. I have 700 GB + worth of documents, ebooks etc. that I've hoarded over the years. I will no doubt keep adding to that. But I find it impossible to go through them manually to organize, delete(most of the documents are random/useless junk), make retrievable as needed..etc. MacOS spotlight and Windows Search aren't enough (they dont search within documents). I understand Evernote is great for clipplings,snippets,OCR on relevant things I come across that I can take pictures of and file in Evernote, relevant work documents,etc. I know I'll have to do it over time (10 GB monthly limit and all), but overall, is it a good idea to upload my gigantic library of books, articles etc. into Evernote, alongside everything else?
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