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  1. OK, with this being said, then I agree that being able to support a stylus is big and I'd vote for it. :wink: I'd like to have my wife use one (she's a journalist and conducts interviews standing up), but without a stylus it is useless as she can't type fast enough on the digital keyboard. The iPad/iPhone is just better for this sort of work if you are going to use an electronic device as you can't take notes on a Netbook standing up. EN would be tremendous as then her notes would be readily available on her MBP when she was done.
  2. Is stylus support even available on the iPad? I tried using a stylus with a simple drawing program just to see if the iPad would recognize it and it did not. This may be out of ENs control. If I am mistaken then please let me know how you verified stylus support. Thanks!
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