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  1. Unfortunately, no. I auto install, so it just asks me to install and relaunch. That Mac I open Evernote every couple weeks so it couldn't have been too far out.
  2. Granted, nuking the client side DB and forcing a new sync of all data resolved this. But it's still not an expected or welcome behavior. Clients would be losing it about now if this happens to them. And what if I had data that wasn't sync'd yet?
  3. I'd say hold on new "features" until the expected feature set is rock solid and then proceed accordingly.
  4. OS 10.6.8 Downloaded from website (won't use the AppStore for any app). Upgraded at the prompt. Installed and relaunched. Reindexed search. Then when it tried to "sync metadata" it crashes out immediately. Subsequent launches it picks up at the sync metadata each time and crashes immediately. Not good. Get me dependent on this for data and now it's borked. FML.
  5. I was just reading that article over at Macworld and I'm having the same questions. I'd much rather prefer to purchase direct from the developer. It's a PITA in a business setting to install EN on multiple systems if there's not a company AppStore account. Please add the choice of direct download, too.
  6. Yes, but will Apple allow Evernote to write to iCloud. AFAIK, iCloud is only writeable by iCloud. It's not like iDisk or user configurable storage.
  7. With Mobileme going away. What is going to be the preferred sync repository once that's off the table? Does the IOS issues with dropbox put that off the table, too? Thoughts on this because of how extensively it's used between all my devices. -Geoff
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