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  1. Improve Nozbe Support by integrating a drop down list of all our projects we can tag a note with. Making it easier for a nozbe users to get into using evernote - as it keeps them from having to watch "how to videos" and what not. as many people just ignore those, and i think if I could have just jumped into using evernote i would have been here sooner using nozbe.
  2. Feature Request - the ability to highlight text on the web UI of evernote and to be able to open a smaller sticky like note (representing a normal evernote with tags and all) that would allow us to divide a collection of random thoughts into respective organized notes. This way i dont have to open up 2 or 3 tabs to proccess a note.
  3. ive found tons of tags in my tag list that are pretty much duplicates. Why - the way you process tags - you make a new one due to how you make tags "case sensitive" please dont do this. also, please allow for subfolders within evernote too.
  4. http://www.webnotes.net/ http://www.webnotes.net/ the above link is for the service "Webnotes" I believe an integration of evernote and Webnotes just makes intuitive sense. Webnotes is also great and useful, i could see deals between the two in the future. as you are already integrated with NOZBE: simply GTD. I believe Integration with webnotes would truly add to the power of evernote synergistically - as the three together create a perfect package to give users a great experience of not having to deal with notes.
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