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  1. Hello guys It took me sometime to understand all and post this, but I have been hacked in last november, and at that time I took one of the answer on the post as granted, but I start to think it would be better to report it. I went into a Dapps on a website, and a few days later, I found 2 mobiles from FRANCE and GERMANY NOKIA (which brand I don't own) logging on my evernote from Europe. And I live in Thailand. Some people told me here they must have had your password, but its impossible they did not have it. My account did not have 2FA at that time. I would like to speak with someone from the support team just so that they investigate this breach of security. Anyone has a support email I can use to email?
  2. Hello all After using Evernote for years, i finally got hacked on 11/11 and 14/11 two connections happening from Germany and Paris whereas I live in Bangkok for years... how come this happen? can the Evernote team investigates how can people enter my account so easily? I feel cheated badly, since then has set Google Authenticator, but still, this deserves an audit and see from where it comes from?
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