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  1. As others have noted, it is an improvement but still not usable. I use the Jot Script and there is too much lag and skipping. Penultimate remains in my unused app folder and GoodNotes is on my home screen. There remains a dramatic difference in how the Jot Script works on the two apps. I will try again when Evernote releases another update with Jot Script improvements, but for now it is not usable for normal work.
  2. PizzaFiend, Are you using an iPad Air 2? That is a big problem. I've tried using the Jot Script on Notes+ and GoodNotes4. It is awful on them as well. It is caused by the new laminated screen on the iPad Air 2. Adonis says they have an SDK out that is supposed to fix this. I don't know if Evernote has implemented that in v6.0.1. If they have that is even more of a problem. It is completely unusable. I can't write a complete sentence. There is no possible way I could use this for actual work. As for Evernote's involvement, remember Evernote markets this heavily as an Evernote recommended and branded item. That is one of the reasons I was willing to try it and spend the premium on it. I viewed this as an integrated system; stylus, Penultimate and Evernote. It is completely unworkable and unusable.
  3. As I noted in my separate thread, I purchased a Jot Script last week to give Penultimate another try. I started with Penultimate the day it was first released way back when. I got my Jot Scipt on Thursday evening and tried it out. It was unusable. I tried several things yesterday to make it work, all failures. With the release of v6.0.1 I had hoped the issue was resolved. It was not. This is horrible. I can not use this for real life work. It was a complete waste of $75. Evernote should be embarrassed to have put this on the market and put their name behind this product, both the new version of Penultimate and the Jot Script. I will go back to pen and paper, and my Fujitsu scanner, as well as my iPad and keyboard.
  4. The new update, v6.0.1, is an improvement but it still is awful. The drop outs are frequent. The writing experience is frustrating and unreliable. The Evernote Adonit Jot Script was a complete waste of $75. Evernote should be embarrassed to put their name and reputation behind this. I'm going back to pen and paper... and iPad and keyboard.
  5. I think I've figured out it is a known problem with iPad Air 2. The new screen causes problems with their old SDK. They have a new SDK for the iPad Air 2 but only GoodNotes 4 has tried to implement it and they didn't do it right. So the problem exists in all apps. That has been my experience today. I've tried Penultimate, Notes Plus and GoodNotes4. The performance of the Jot Script has been absolutely awful on all. It is competely unusable. Evernote needs to get this fixed ASAP and also put a notice on their site. I bought the Jot Script through the Evernote site at their recommendation and it is completely unusable.
  6. I just got a Jotscript stylus to work with Penultimate. I haven't been using Penultimate for a long while and decided to give it another try right as the new upgrade was released. I got the stylus yesterday and tried using it last night. It is awful. I can't get it to write reliably no matter what I try. It is definitely connected. I've turned off the multi gesture feature in the iPad settings. I've tried a couple of hand position settings. I've tried pushing hard, as well as using little pressure. Thick and thin ink. Turning off my bluetooth keyboard and leaving it on. Nothing seems to work. As I write it will sometimes write nicely but then stop registering completely. Or it won't register certain marks, such as crossing a T. When I first started using Penultimate way back before it was owned by Evernote the recognition with a basic stylus was actually pretty good. This is competely unusable. Is this a problem with the Adonit Jotscript or the new version of Penultimate. Should I give up the stylus, Penultimate or both? Just go back to writing on paper and scanning the paper notes into Evernote?
  7. I am a Premium member. When I search of a word on the OS X app on my MBP it returns 48 documents. The word exists in notes, Word docs, and pdf's, and it finds them all. When I search on my iPad app (ver 7.3) it only returns one document where the term is in the title. I can't find any setting or explanation of this behavior. Any suggestions as to how to make the iOS version search work properly?
  8. One solution is to use Penultimate. You can create a notebook with the title you want to be your EV note title. Then use a stylus to write notes and draw. When you are done you can email them to EV. It shows up in your inbox as a note in PDF format. The only downside is you can't send it back to Penultimate to modify and you can't modify it once it is in EV. But yup can keep it in Penultimate as long as you want and add and modify until it is in final form. Then send to EV for archive.
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