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  1. Thank you! Any opinions on Notion? I downloaded it, will take a better look, but it doesn't feel like a good substitute. Too much focus on task management, tags implementation doesn't seem right, couldn't even find handwritten note taking functionality
  2. Now that Evernote has shattered our hopes that they would deliver something better for PDF annotation in Evernote for iPadOS, I would like to ask the community whether someone has found a third party PDF editor that integrates well with Evernote. I use GoodNotes, but I didn't use it for minor annotations/highlights, since it is quite a hassle to export from Evernote to GoodNotes and back. But now that Evernote finished destroying an already disappointing PDF annotation capability (and handwritten note taking, by the way), I really need to find something that works in a more integrated way. I tried (even bought) NoteShelf, which was supposed to integrate well, but I didn't find the overall solution very good. Can anyone help, from Evernote or the community? Otherwise, I will be forced to try other alternatives to Evernote. Any advice there? I tried Microsoft OneNote, which is awful, doesn't even have a good tagging solution, though their PDF annotation and handwritten note capability is much superior to Evernote. (guys, how shameful it must be to be worse than Microsoft? How can you look at yourselves at the mirror???) My conclusion so far is that Evernote is a big fail in PDF annotation and handwritten note taking, but it (still) has no decent competitors as a note repository and organization tool. Am I right? Or can someone point me to a better solution? Thank you! Andre
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