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  1. There is no request in my post, however, the forum is listed as, "Product Feedback/Feature Requests." I was offering feedback, so I assumed it would go here. If you'll let me know where I should have posted my positive feedback, I'll be glad to in the future. As far as the synching, I have experienced synching issues for years with Evernote. All I know is that the only thing that changed is that when I use the new Beta version, I no longer have the lag time that made me hate Evernote before. I've been using the same internet connection for years - that didn't change - so I can only assume something in the Beta version is working for me. I am assuming the developers would like to know things that are going well, in addition to things that need improved upon.
  2. Full disclosure: I am not tech savvy. I use a Mac because I have certain things I want to achieve with technology, and I want the technology to work with no troubleshooting on my part. With that said, I always loved the promise of Evernote, but with the former version I could never get it to work as I wanted. Synching was my biggest issue. I would have to wait days for my desktop and web versions to synch, and sometimes they wouldn't synch at all. Often times when I would try and clip a long article from the internet there would be such a lag that I would give up and just save the article to my Dropbox. It was so frustrating because I wanted very much to have all of my internet research in one place. Since using the new version, I have had NO synching issues. I had always thought that it was an internet connectivity issue, but I don't think that is the case anymore. Every article (no matter the size or format) has synched immediately and in the correct folder. No lag time. Another issue I used to struggle with was moving articles from one folder to another and organizing my notebooks. I don't know what the issue was with the old version, but there was always a lag time. I haven't experienced that even once. My folders are perfectly organized now, and I can easily drop things I find from the internet into the correct folder so I can annotate later. I LOVE THIS!
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