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  1. The problem I had was that when I tried to click on the new note or even an old note the copy paste menu did not appear even though I had contents on the clipboard. A workaround I stumbled upon was to type a character into the new note, then highlight that character , bringing up the copy paste menu. Selecting paste pasted the contents of the clipboard into the note (even though it was a fairly large amount of text). This is using an Android phone, FWIW.
  2. OK, thanks. I did that, and was able to encrypt a note. I saw it locked. I then synced my iPod Touch. The note is still unencrypted on the iPod after sync, though. Any ideas? Is there any decent documentation for Evernote? I did a search of Encrypt in the EVERNOTE FOR WINDOWS USER GUIDE and found virtually nothing.
  3. I tried that the other day using Firefox. I just get generic choices that aren't related to Evernote (choices that show up on any website opened in Firefox, such as "copy", "select all", etc.). Today I tried it in Windows Explorer, with similar results (the choices are different, but they're all Explorer-generic, not Evernote specific.) Any ideas what I may be missing? I'm hilighting specific text in a specific note before right clicking the mouse. Thanks.
  4. I'll ignore the condescending tone (even though you didn't bother to tell me how to do encryption- using a PC). I'm transferring notes from a Palm, and $40/year is a waste to me for something that has been free all these years. No, I'm not in HS, nor do I waste $ at $tarbucks, etc.
  5. Is this encryption option available on the free version? I wouldn't mind spending $4.99 for the paid version, but not $4.99/month.
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