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  1. I've lost all my notebooks after upgrade to penultimate 4.1 and connecting with evernote. Some solution? Thanks.
  2. TheGurkha, icon is not displayed in View > Tools > Customise. I like Evernote, but now I do not recommend it to those who use Mac OS X Thanks, only mac-user-guy and you have responded to this post.
  3. Hi, today I installed the new version (3.0.082006) and does not work yet. Is there no solution?
  4. I have recommended Evernote to a user of thunderbird and the extension not work. I tried everything and searched the Internet, is there a solution? Thanks.
  5. TheGurkha, in Mac is the same but the button "add to evernote" is not included in View > Tools > Customise option. In windows I've tested and works fine. Thanks.
  6. Hi, the extension for Thunderbird 3.03 not work. The installation is successful but it not show the icon "add to evernote" in toolbar. Note: I have edited the file install.rdf for maxversion = 3.* Regards.
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