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  1. This is an old thread, but I want to add my two cents. Hopefully Evernote will reevaluate this option. This feature would be super helpful for me as well. I bookmark / screen grab a lot of pages and it'd be nice to know if I already have it. Big bonus would be to be able to edit that bookmark on that page, maybe there is a new tag I need to add or change which folder it is in. As for the speed issue, I don't mind not having the icon change. Just let me know when I'm about to bookmark it. Once I click the web clipper button, then fire off the request to the server to see if I've got that exact url. It would be awesome to check just the base URL (fixes issues with www vs none, http vs https, /pricing vs /) but I see that as more of a 2.0 feature. As for a basic bookmarking feature, the ability to tell if you've bookmarked something before without going back to EN and searching, seems like a necessary thing. This is apart of Evernote doing the thinking for me. Letting me know I've already done this action before. Thanks! Related thread: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/54349-web-clipper-and-duplicate-clips/
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