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  1. Jefito - Any responses to the support ticket? I just installed the latest version (Evernote for Windows Beta) and am still having the issue.
  2. In previous versions I could click on the tag icon toggle (in the top-right corner when in List View mode) and start typing, and Evernote would filter my tags, showing any tags that started with the letters I typed. I installed Evernote for Windows today and it seems to show any tags that contain the letters anywhere in the tag name. It also seems to only work on the first two letters. The third letter typed appears to pull all tags.
  3. My version 4 of Evernote worked like GaryLKing said. I preferred that method.
  4. Second this! I keep trying to scroll down and accidently moving my tags around. If you're either too far left or too far right of that tiny scroll bar, you'll end up grabbing and moving a tag or notebook instead of scrolling.
  5. Exactly - except after I click a tag in my Favorites bar, I'm unable to do any multi-selects. Ctrl-clicking on a tag acts just like a click - I'm only able to use the last tag I clicked (or ctrl-clicked) on. Clicking on "All Notes" seems to reset it back to usual and I can filter my notes by multi-selecting tags - as long as I don't click on a tag in the Favorites bar.
  6. I have several tags in my Favorites bar. Used to I could click on a tag in my Favorites bar, then ctrl-click on a tag in the sidebar to show notes tagged with both tags. Now the second click (on the sidebar) replaces the first tag I selected in my Favorites bar. In fact from then on I am unable to do any multi-select tagging until I click the All Notes button which seems to reset it. After I click a tag in the Favorites bar, a selected tag in the sidebar looks differently too. Instead of being blue with green trim, it just has the green trim.
  7. The new features are great and will provide me lots of peace of mind. Thanks!
  8. This isn't the multi-clip solution you were looking for, but this might save you some time on the way you're doing it now. On the Windows client you can select one note then hold down the Ctrl key to select additional notes, or if the notes are all together you can select the top note then hold down the Shift key to select the bottom note. After you have multiple notes selected you can right-click on one and use the Merge option to combine them all into one note. Try it once though - I end up with large blue headers to separate the notes, you may or may not like this.
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