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  1. Thank you for that csihilling! You have re-upped your Guru status. Good workaround at least for what seems to be a bug. Still doesn't allow me to scroll within the list, but I rarely need to do that.
  2. I arrange my notes by date Updated. What I am mostly trying to do is scroll back to the top after I have worked on a note that is older and somewhere down the pile. I am unable to scroll back up. Something I did not mention, because it added unclarity, was if I have the top entry open, and drag the scroll bar down, it doesn't jump back to the top, it jumps back up to some random place in the middle of all my note list. The problem only happens when I am in the list that includes all my notebooks. If I go to a sub note list, then it scrolls correctly.
  3. It is strange problem. There is a scroll bar on the note list - the list of note titles. When I scroll up or down, using the bar on the right, the movable box jumps back to where I was, not necessarily even the section of the list with the currently open note. Any suggestions?
  4. Same error, checked the Java and third party settings that helped another user, and these were already appropriate. It does work on a couple of sites, like for instance Google search results, or on this page but not on most other pages I have loaded. I tried restarting Chrome browser and reinstalling extension, to no avail. using Win 8.1, new computer, so other settings may have changed.
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