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  1. I too am unable to find the app. Was hoping for the update from the catalogue, but it is gone completely. Am on Sprint in the US. Brian Gockley
  2. Hi Dave, SInce this update did not fix the notes-coming-up-blank problem for many folks, can you give us an update on that? Thanks, -Brian
  3. This has been happening to me since the upgrade to 1.45, and it makes the Pre version pretty useless. WOrks great on my Mac and the web, but my primary purpose was to have notes in the filed, and that is not working, even with the bump to 1.1. Please, whatever caused this to happen, I think it is up to y'all to fix this basic usage flaw! -Brian
  4. Oh yeah, notebooks would make this SOOO much more useable. The universal search is slower at finding a note than me just looking for it where it should be. I loved porting over all my old palm memos, but to not have subfolders is a pain. Thanks!
  5. Add me to the group of users who want this feature. Why not make it a premium benefit?
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