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  1. I'm glad you guys are working on it.... thanks for the reply!
  2. I really like the Evernote platform, and I use it a lot, so I wanted to add some constructive feedback on the Evernote Android app in the hopes that this might help. To me, the core functionality of the Evernote platform is really note (and thought) organization. It allows me to keep a lot of different notes on different subjects, and organize them for myself. The windows app, and the web apps do a very good job with this (minus the poor text editor). When Evernote came out with an Android app, I was excited at the possibility of finally having access to my notes anywhere I go. That said, I was really let down when I downloaded the Android app. The main purpose of the app is something completely different than the rest of the Evernote platform. The mobile app is geared towards quick temporary notes, a niche that is already oversaturated with many really good applications. It seems as if the list of notebooks and notes are an afterthought in the mobile app. It’s a complete pain to get to the list of notebooks since you have to dig through menus. Once you get to them, they are not organized in a hierarchical fashion like they are on the web and in the windows app. Because of that, it’s sometimes impossible to figure out which note you are looking for, because you don’t know the notebook it is in. Additionally, you can’t modify the note, you can only append to the note. I really had hoped that the mobile application would center on these notes and notebooks, and provide the same experience us users have come to expect from Evernote. Instead, the app focuses on something completely different. Thanks for reading my rant!
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