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  1. Thanks, guys. I successfully installed the portable version and it works well. All I need is to access my notes, not all the clipping stuff. I hope this helps others. See this link: https://www.thinstallsoft.com/evernote/ BTW, EdH, Evernote is the only app so far that fails to install on the SD card. WPSOffice, ccleaner and a bunch of others install just fine. Bob PS, this is my 10-yr anniversary with Evernote. I call it "the junk drawer for my mind".
  2. I have a small laptop that has a 32 gig SSD C:\ drive and I have a 64 Gig SD card that I use for all my program installations, docs, etc. When trying to install E on the SD card it gives an error message about installation directory must be a local hard drive. How is my SD card not a local hard drive? Can I get around this? I'm a paid E user.
  3. I second Garemeister's comments. It's the reason I, too, no longer an a Premium subscriber.
  4. As far as I can see Skitch is an awful product. Evernote can't deal with the images... "Evernote can not edit a note created in Skitch" so what good is that? I usually want to put some text around my images to add value. But, once an image is in Evernote then "Mark up with Skitch" and then pressing the + and - keys to resize the image does work. FWIW, I stopped being a premium customer over this issue.
  5. Well, I don't know what this guy is doing, but neither in my EN Windows program, nor on the EN Web can I edit and resize an image. Is he on a Mac?
  6. Thanks for the referral to FastEver Snap, I downloaded it and it works great for pictures taken from my iPhone. But, what about images taken from the desktop? I frequently take a screen image and paste it into irfanview (a FANTASTIC image viewer/manipulator) and cut the section I want and paste it into EN. That image then dominates the screen and is huge regardless of the size of the image I paste. This is horrible and I let my EN premium subscription lapse because of this. Come on guys, get with it.
  7. Why doesn't anyone from the Evernote product management team respond to this?
  8. I've been a paid user of Evernote for several years and this annoys me to no end. I frequently scan receits and put them into EN but the image actually increases in size rather than comes in at the size pasted. That, I don't understand. My workaround is to scan the image to a file and then paste a link to the file. The problem with that is that the file is not available on any device other than the PC that I used to enter the note. Someone had to write the code that allows us to paste an image. Adding the code to size it doesn't seem like man-years worth of effort. And, it would reap huge benefits for the customer. This forum software from IP.Board has what we're looking for!
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