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  1. OK then, I did not create an organization nightmare after all, good to know. For some reason I kept thinking that the way I've been doing it, which was just one Notebook named Work, then adding thousands of notes organized by tabs was wrong, but I guess that's fine after all. Thank you all who took time out to reply to me, much appreciated.
  2. OK, so here is my dilemma. I've had Evernote Premium for around 16 years. I've worked in IT all that time and used Evernote as my own personal Knowledge Base. I, in my ever loving wisdom set up Evernote using only two Notebooks, one called Personal, and one called Work, I never created any other Notebooks after that, or used stacking. The way that I organized everything was by using Tags. For Example I created a tag named "Work", which is tied to the Work Notebook, then I would create a sub tag name things like Microsoft, then under Microsoft I would create more sub tags undernea
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