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  1. Wow What an amazing resource. Fabulous! Thanks so much! Maria
  2. Wow! That is a lovely journal page! Thanks for sharing. I like what you've done to combine the important journal process, too. And given how much Evernote tries to create useful guides and templates... I hope Evernote considers making a calendar notebook with these kinds of notes pre-populated for the year ahead. I think for those of us who grew up with a paper planner, its hard not to have something that lets us look ahead and write things down for certain days....copying a template each day seems like something we shouldn't have to do. I think that can be automated, right?
  3. Thanks for the suggestion and yes, I think you can copy all sorts of templates. I was looking for something that would already have the 365 days pre-populated and that would allow me to make notes in some of the days to forecast out key reminders. In a perfect world it would pull any existing calendar appointments from my calendar and have space for personal notes and hey an inspirational quote for the day. It would be the true replacement of a calendar planner that we all used to carry around. Thanks for your response!
  4. All--I can't imagine I'm the only one looking for this but does anyone have a Notebook set up as a "note a day" with simple annotations like: appointments, journal, follow up? I would like to download an Evernote Notebook for 2017 or next year that lets me download my daily schedule from my google calendar and then let me annotate that daily summary.
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