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  1. Will a new version be released soon to fix the Spotlight problem? Or is a fix likely to take some time and I should go ahead with this? I did submit a bug report, but I gather from what I've read here that answers will come from users, not developers. Many thanks.
  2. I enabled two-step verification, but: I did not receive a list of backup codes. Can someone tell me how to get these? When I signed in from a different browser, it says two-step verification is not enabled. I tried refreshing browser, re-logging in etc., but nothing helped. I've read elsewhere on the forum that people who have signed out from the Mac app have not been able to sign back in until they have disabled two-step verification. Does anyone have updated information on this? I'm reluctant to sign out of Mac, iOS, or any other interface until I know I will not have problems getting back in.Using the latest versions of Evernote, Mac OS, Safari, Chrome, iOS etc. Thanks in advance for any information.
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