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  1. Just to inform you that I lost both Evernote Widgets, small and large, after the 2.3.4 upgrade on my Galaxy S II today. I was in a shock.... The EN widget is so handy (and so missing on the Ipad). It was removed from my "Desktop" and could not be found anymore in the "add widget" part. A reason could be that I moved the EN files to my external SD card. Anyway...... I removed the program and re-installed. And presto... back again and working. Still have to thank you guys for this superb version of Evernote. Huib P.s. the EN shortcut for notes was always there.
  2. Lets say I have many topics about how to work with "Gmail" Now I type the word "gmail" in the search field and of course it also returns me topics with just gmail addresses in it. i have this very often because I forgot to type "intitle:" before the search string, or felt at least too lazy to type it. I organized my complete EN database very strictly to be able to find on text in the title. How handy a button would be to narrow my search with the "intitle:" text placed automatically before the search string. I tried with saved search with an empty "in title:" command but no way ( In the web interface at least that search places the text in the search field. It also adds a space after the : but I can erase that easily) What also would help is to make a new properties item : text only IN TITLE Huib
  3. Any news about this problem? Or do you have an advice for the best settings for Scansnap. Should I use a higher resolution? Here are my settings .: Huib
  4. OK, I deleted the corresponding notes and the size is back to normal now. For Windows I had to reload the data from scratch to make the DB smaller. If you want I can send you a folder with suspect PDF's from which even the second time your server made a large alternate file (>10 MB) Not 100% sure, but of a 37 Kb PDF the server made 9 MB search file! Huib
  5. OK, but there is some corruption there. 1. I open the "alternate" file with OSX preview (20 MB large) 2. I see only two PDF like pages. 3. I save it on a different location and.....the file became 20K Then: 4. I delete the note. 5. I make a new note, but with the same original PDF file, and 5a: Sometimes I get an nice alternate file from the server with a normal (<50K) size. 5b: Sometimes I keep getting a huge search file back from the server. In that case I start over at 4 but change the original PDF in a JPEG file and all seems OK. --------- Question Dave: Am I allowed to, brute force, throw away alternate search files without corrupting my whole EN database? For me the searching in PDF's is not so important. Thx in advance anyway. Huib
  6. I am used to export my Evernote notes as a safety measure every two weeks. Before the 6th of march my last export was 291 MB size, and the last one of today 462 MB. I added max 50 notes (of 1000 now in total). So the EN file exploded in a few days. Checking the database on Windows gave me an .exb file of 400 MB. I cannot do anything with this info. But on my Mac I found in the "content" folder some huge (and recent) subfolders. Looking further I saw large (15MB or larger!!) files that look like this one :"0209ad2d77897c85be1befc3b0ab8197-alternate" The corresponding notes are never larger than 1 MB in the EN note list. I can open those files with preview, and when I "save them as" on a different location they are only just some 20 K. Is my database corrupted? I already started with an Empty EN and let it sync fron start, but the same size. I also could not view some new notes on my Ipad. The notes show, with "Pdf" in it, but do not open. We are mostly talking about notes consisting of Scansnap PDF files. I use EN on Macs, Windows, Ipad and Windows mobile. ---------------e d i t e d: I looked at one single note that I found in the content folder. It is 29 MB large with a huge "alternate file in it. I exported this one record and the sizes stays huge. Can I delete those alternate files? They look like corrupted versions of the original PDF's Huib
  7. So did I, and it worked! Got the stacks back. Now I know I realy synchronized before leaving Holland. However I keep pushing for an auto sync while leaving the app. And... folder size dropped from 864 to 398 MB. Does this also mean a speed increase? I never notice speed problems on my Mac, but still nice to know. Huib
  8. Hey.... What do you know. For a while I was doubting, but now..... Huib
  9. ok, I will keep you informed, but not before I will be back next wednesday, to check my other Mac. It is still a pity EN does not sync automatically before quitting, so you are always sure. Huib
  10. Your Stacks are synchronized across all your devices. Right now, you can only see them on the Mac, but we're keeping the information in sync everywhere, so when the feature is added to other clients your Stacks will show up there, too. Are you 100% sure about this? My (little) problem is that I installed 2.0 in Holland, being in another country right now, so I cannot check. I made stacks there, that is fore sure, and they do not appear in my Mac over here where I just updated to 2.0.. It is of course possible that I forgot to sync before leaving Holland, as EN does not warn you for this. Or are there problems synching stacks? I will not make any stacks on this version over here now, being afraid of conflicts when coming back to Holland next week. Huib
  11. Me too. Now I miss that info because most people forget to fill it in. And.... a note atttribute: "Last edited by" would even be nicer. Also auto filled in. And..... an RSS option or other way to warn you if a new note has been added/changed to the shared Notebooks. Or ar my wishes driving you guys mad? Huib
  12. Have duplicate identical notes, both in my own notebooks (shared by me), and in other shared notebooks: Am I doing something wrong? Huib
  13. Looking great am super happy. Also the stacks. Question about sharing: How do I know if someone modified/added or did anything with my or his/hers shared notebook? E.G. With Dropbox I have an RSS feed switched on, so I see the mods when reading my RSS's: --------------------------------- With this Gmail RSS feed as a result: --------------------------------- Posssible with EN also? Huib
  14. Another way is to train yourself to err on the side of caution. I know many apps auto save every X minutes (including EN which can be set to auto sync every X minutes.) But as someone who's cried more than once over lost info, after making a lot of changes, or maybe not a lot but maybe small but significant changes, my knee jerk reaction is a CTRL-S to save. In EN, it's to manually synch.
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