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  1. CoreParadox, I love ELIN! I find it more difficult to implement than you might imagine, in that some perfectly good (as far as I know) jump links never work, or stop working after a few days, but when it works, it's fabulous! I have no idea how it works. you say it generates the destination in the form <a name="#infolink">Info Section</a> but i never see that. As far as i can tell, the Destination Text is plain text. Still I do select it and paste it into my evernote, even if the text already existed. I can't get ELIN to work without creating by pasting the Destination Text immediately after adding the hypertext Link Text. Then I have to close that evernote and sync, and if I'm lucky, when I go back to that note, the ELIN Jump links work. You say the Jump Name must be unique to that evernote, but i don't seem to be able to reuse a Jump Name that I'm not using any more. I have 2 Jumps that the Link Text and Destination Text are the same word, "BVC" (they are different places, #8 and #9 in a list) and ELIN jumps to the right place just fine! So thanx for ELIN!
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