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  1. CoreParadox, I love ELIN! I find it more difficult to implement than you might imagine, in that some perfectly good (as far as I know) jump links never work, or stop working after a few days, but when it works, it's fabulous! I have no idea how it works. you say it generates the destination in the form <a name="#infolink">Info Section</a> but i never see that. As far as i can tell, the Destination Text is plain text. Still I do select it and paste it into my evernote, even if the text already existed. I can't get ELIN to work without creating by pasting the Destination Text immediately after adding the hypertext Link Text. Then I have to close that evernote and sync, and if I'm lucky, when I go back to that note, the ELIN Jump links work. You say the Jump Name must be unique to that evernote, but i don't seem to be able to reuse a Jump Name that I'm not using any more. I have 2 Jumps that the Link Text and Destination Text are the same word, "BVC" (they are different places, #8 and #9 in a list) and ELIN jumps to the right place just fine! So thanx for ELIN!
  2. Jim, I was just hoping maybe all it will take is one more, just one more complaint, for this issue to reach critical mass. Probably every one of us posting dissatisfaction here over the past 5 years thought that. Dy
  3. Long-time user of Evernote, i too have experienced incredible frustration at the primitive editting tools. Many times i have had to just leave a note looking ugly cuz I could not get it to format right, and having to settle for ugly notes is just wrong. In the pic is a note that's partially single-spaced and partially double-spaced thru no fault of my own. Technically it's that line height has doubled--there are no blank lines i can delete after the Payment line. Even a minor edit of the single-spaced-looking part, like putting a colon after Order Received, will add a big blank line space between that line and the Thank you line. This is unacceptable. I agree with the previous posts in this thread of the past 5 years: This is a bug. And like the OP, i don't want to have to strip formatting or run other programs or functions first, not requiring me to settle for an ugly note is the least i can expect, even from free software.
  4. i installed this in February but i must have forgotten to thank the author so thanx! i hadn't heard of Readability http://lab.arc90.com/experiments/readability so thanx for that too! i couldn't get the 1st one, starting with javascript:function enClip() to work but the 2nd one, starting with javascript:function%20enClip() works beautifully. i did have to make sure the "Clip full page" button was checkmarked or nothing would be sent to Evernote.
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