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  1. There are no errors, but the files are still sitting there and nothing is imported. Here a snippet of the log: Evernote for Windows (249072) Public OS: Windows 6.2.8250 Memory: 29.6MB Created: 2012/06/04 12:24:24 ... 11:47:32 [4960] 67% * updateCount: 7382 --> 7383 11:47:32 [4960] 100% * saved updateCount: 7383 11:47:32 [4960] 100% Session terminated normally, elapsed time: 2s 11:47:32 [4960] 100% * sent: 617B, received: 451B 11:47:32 [4960] 100% * 1s (40%) spent in EDAM RPC 12:23:31 [4936] Import folder: "C:\Users\TBooth\Documents\Evernote Import" finished, code=0000 12:23:31 [5720] Import folder: "C:\Users\TBooth\Documents\Evernote Import" started, DeleteImportedFiles
  2. I have recently installed the full Evernote on my Windows 8 Consumer Preview system (as opposed to the Evernote from the App Store...). Everything seems to be working well except for the Import folder (or watch folder) functionality. I use it constantly for scanned documents and it is working very well on a Windows 7 system. Has anyone successfully used this feature on Windows 8 yet? Is there a setting somewhere I am missing? Thanks!
  3. Worked perfectly! I didn't realize that importing a PDF like that would still use the internal viewer. I had only tried Office files and they were simply attachments. Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. Agreed, but then I just have an attached PDF file instead of actually being able to read it inside of Evernote, right? I have done that with other files but not PDFs so I'll give that a try.
  5. I completely understand not support the absurd number of Word file formats. However, it would be MUCH more convenient if there were a 1-button method for moving data from Word to Evernote. Today, in order to preserve formatting, I print to a PDF, save it to disk, and then drag and drop it into a note in Evernote. That is at least three too many steps. If I am missing an easier way, I would love to know about it. Otherwise, a "Send to Evernote" function would be hugely appreciated! Thanks, Tom
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