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  1. I have to agree with @JMichael. I have been using Evernote as a critical part of my daily workflow since 2005 because of its ease of use, reliability and essentially problem free syncing and integration across all my devices. It never occurred to me there would come a day that I would seriously consider dumping a product I've raved about for almost 9 years. After this last update typing or editing notes on my iPhone has become impossible - I mean I'm currently unable to type a single word - the cursor jumps all over the screen and repeatedly invokes the search bar. Editing, selecting, copying and pasting, etc. randomly selects and deleted text which then instantly syncs the errors so I don't dare edit on any mobile devices until bugs are fixed. I hope they work this out soon or may have to go back to steno pads and binders. Really, really frustrating coming from a development team that has consistently made my life easier for the better part of a decade...until today.
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