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  1. Levi, I tried it in List mode (I normally use Card view) to see if it would work correctly from there. It worked if I pasted into a new note but not if I pasted into an existing note (no note link just the text.) Taj Mac OS X 10.8.2 EN 5.0.4
  2. Levi, Thanks for doing that test. I see something different. If I copt the Note Link and paste it into a text editor I get the Note Link as a hyperlink. But, If I paste the link into AN EXISTING Evernote note I get just the Note title and it is not underlined and not a hyperlink. If I paste into a NEW Evernote note I get what I expect, the hyperlinked Note link. Interesting bug! Taj
  3. When I choose "Copy Note Link" from the Note Menu in Evernote (on the Mac) version 5.0.4 it copies the NAME of the Note but not a link to the Evernote note (which is what I want and what is used to do.) Anyone know what's up? When will this be fixed? Thanks, Taj
  4. Is it possible to change the width of a column once it is created?
  5. Actually, Copy Note Link does not seem to work at all. When I try to use Copy Note Link all it copies is the name of the note. Very annoying! I really like Note Links and I would like to see them added to the iOS versions of Evernote also.
  6. Oh man! Me too! I have been having this problem for quite a while also and I agree it happens with audio recordings and images - whether they are taken in Evernote or large PDFs that are transferred in.
  7. I have just started using Shared Folders and I really like them - but they don't seem to appear in Evernote on my Mac - only at evernote.com. Am I doing something wrong? Taj
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