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  1. Hello everyone, Have you been faced with an odd behavior in 6.10 for Mac whereby when having typed at least a page of text (not sure if necessary to replicate issue) and you type [return] then 2x [return] are entered. So instead of having your cursor appear 1 line lower, it appears 2 lines lower with one extra line added for no reason. When taking notes this is pretty disruptive. As it been reported? I couldn't find this in a quick Google search. Looking forward to seeing this fixed. I also tried to post this in a sub forum that would fit but didn't find any technical/issue/bug-related sub forum. Pierre
  2. I would love for this to be a feature. Typically my work laptop should have a work default notebook and my personal laptop would have a personal default notebook. Can we turn this post into a product feature request? I understand that conflict could arise when external services use the API to send records to the default notebook but in this case we could have a global/external service default notebook too Pierre
  3. Had the same issue. Will now move to the direct download (non-App Store) version and see if it fixes it. Surprised there is not more involvement of Evernote Support on this topic given how detrimental to the "bulletproof" image that Evernote otherwise cultivates. This bug makes notes disappear and people will lose confidence in the product. Pretty damaging.
  4. I opened support ticket #348652 because I have the same problem as all of these poor people. A few things I would like to offer as feedback: I have been amazed by Evernote free for as long as I've used it. I have recommended it to so many friends that I should probably get a full time salary from Evernote at this point And as soon as I go premium and pay for the service, I get frustrated. First step into the payment scheme, bad vibe. In terms of UX this is probably something you want to avoid at all costs. Researching the problem made me realize (via this page) that it has impacted many people over close to 4 years now. So not only is it a bad experience for any person who loves Evernote so much that *they are willing to pay for it* but it is also a problem that Evernote has not focused on to the point of killing it for good. Does Evernote really want a 6-page forum post describing failure to meet customers' expectations as the first Google result when people search "evernote premium iap"? I realize that this forum discussion highlights the responsiveness of some of the Evernote staff on the board (although the 29 jan post is unanswered) but ask yourself this question: Would you rather have a good track record of responding to problems? Or no track record of IAP problems? Maybe the problem is with Apple and the App Store. But an Evernote customer would gladly respond "not my concern, just fix it". Apple is not offering subscriptions to Evernote. It is Evernote which is offering them via IAPs. It turned into a bit of a rant but that might be the IT Support Manager in me taking over
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