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  1. Uhh... perhaps you don't understand the nature of a .csv file -- -- it is not a file just to attach to an Note -- it does NOT contain the text of a single note -- it is the result of exporting HUNDREDS of notes from the Palm Desktop Mac application in tab-delimited format -- it contains HUNDREDS of individuals notes that EverNote should be able to easily parse into individual Notes (each row in the file represents a different note). Just for fun, I tried your suggestion and got an error message from EverNote (see attachment) stating that a free account can't import the file and clearly identifying the file as something to be used as an attachment - NOT as a source of new individual notes.
  2. Forgive me if I have missed this somewhere, but after spending over an hour searching through the EverNote forums I cannot find a way to simply import a .csv (or .xls) file into EverNote! Unbelievable! I have several hundred entries exported from my Mac Palm Desktop and then cleaned up in Excel and saved as a .csv file. There MUST be a way in the year 2010 to import this into EverNote, right? The Mac EverNote application can ONLY import a "Notes Archive" -- what the heck is that? Please tell me I'm crazy and I've just missed the obvious somewhere...
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