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  1. Could someone please give me a link to 1.0.12 (or later if that exist?), because the newest one I am able to find is 1.0.11 - and if I remember correctly there were some fixes for the retina macbook pro in 1.0.12 Either post here or through pm.
  2. I also decided to go back to the old version for the time being. I'm going to use that (uploading to ftp) until some of the issues gets sorted out. And guys (and girls). Be sure to log on to http://skitch.com/tools/download/ and dowload all your photos, before they get deleted.
  3. @Duran You can resize typed text, by typing. Deselect. Select. Drag the round dot in the corner. Quite a hassle, but it works.
  4. Hi all, I've been using Skitch almost since the day it came out, and I really like it. I use it to share/comment on ideas, teach people what to do, keep notes on something I need to remember for a short while, etc. I've only used the new 2.0 version a couple of hours, but it looks like the new version has removed some of the best features. Missing: Ability to set privacy options on images (and if they are indexed by google by default, that is even worse..) Ability to auto copy URL on publish (preference to choose witch URL. Direct, web, etc.). Ability to upload to FTP (one of the nice
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