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  1. Am having the same issue. Very annoying. AS others have said as soon as you press the "arrow" at the bottom of the page to move a page forward or back all the text gets highlighted in blue.
  2. Using v10.4.4 on a MacBookPro. Just noticed the only option under Preferences is "Save data at log out" and there is no longer a Tools menu. Am trying to set pdf's to show full content (rather than an icon) and cannot see how to do this now. On an individual pdf using a right click on the "..." - More Options" the pdf shows ticked as "View as an attachment" but there appears to be no way to alter this or turn it off. Any help appreciated. p.s. Just upgraded to 10.5.6 with no difference
  3. This is really annoying. I have a number of notes which I also wish to put on my wife's account but they are "info only" notes (instructions for equipment etc) so will not be edited. Before it was easy - I could just email to her Evernote email address from Share - now it took me a long time to find where that option had gone. I don't want to chat about the note - just place it in her account. Put the option back into share.
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