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  1. Hello developers! I have to first say that I love Evernote, just started using it in the last few months and it's awesome! Here are some features I'd like: - Ability to disable thumbnail image previews. I only write text notes, and the titles of the notes are good enough for me. Downloading images seems like a waste of bandwidth and slows the process down. - Ability to change the order of notes manually via drag/drop. Also: sort notes alphabetically. - Using formatting like bold and italics. - Ignore font differences. I really would just like to have plain text + bold/italics. (This is actually a feature I'd love for all of the Evernote applications, especially the Windows version that doesn't seem to respect the idea of pasting in plain text.) - Saving the notes on the WebOS device itself. In another post you said that this isn't possible yet, but a vote for the feature when it's possible. - In list view, when pressing on an item have it "depress" like the Mail application does. - In list view, ability to swipe and delete an item like the Mail application does. - When editing a note continue using the small "details" button instead of taking so much space up with the tags and notebook information. If I want to change those, I could click that button. I know it's a lot of requests, but that's because I think your app rocks and I want to help improve it. Thank you!!
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