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  1. Same issue. FYI to test it out, I just started typing random characters and found the text would lag every 7 seconds or so. This is insanely annoying. You get an idea, you want to note it, and it chokes for a few seconds. This isn't 1983, I think an app can handle TYPING.
  2. Adding to this thread, the Evernote client on Windows 10 is molasses-slow in performing mundane tasks. I don't have a large database, and I only have sync on exit enabled. Reinstalled, still having the same problem. The Mac client is great, snappy and fast. Seems to me the Evernote Windows team needs to optimize this sucker because I'm stuck using the web app.
  3. Seconding what everyone else is saying. Constantly being asked to sign into the clipper. Chrome on Windows 10, everything up to date. Please fix.
  4. Same issue here. I've attempted all the suggested fixes and nothing works. Clipper was acting up mid-week, then was fine over the weekend, and is not functional right now. Seeing as it's central to Evernote's functionality, couldn't the company tell us when it will be fixed?
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