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  1. Red squiggly line says I spelled a word wrong Bug 1: Double-click it to select it (out of habit) then right-click ... weirdly Evernote reads this as a triple-click and selects the whole paragraph. Bug 2: Double-click it to select it (out of habit), wait more than I should, then right-click... I get a contextual menu but NO spelling replacement option ONLY if I hover-over-the-word then right-click does the correct contextual menu appear, the same one as before but with the correct replacement spelling option selectable. Also, if anyone at Evernote is reading this,
  2. As I encounter this ignorant keyboard mapping YET AGAIN with the newest version I feel compelled to remind the Evernote community this still hasn't been fixed. The workaround remains to immediately quit Evernote after getting annoyed for a second that it jacked my workflow yet again. I really need to finish migrating out of it completely... it feels like a college CS class project at this point. 10.6.9-mac-ddlpublic (2254) Editor: v116.1.14913 Service: v1.26.7
  3. The best solution is truly to move to one of the Evernote alternatives. The app has turned into a farce for anyone serious about doing work or organizing thoughts.
  4. Just got the 10.5 beta, still has this issue ("feature"). Coming soon lists "Global keyboard shortcuts." Maybe this will address it, or maybe they'll take over other useful shortcuts like Copy/Paste (sarcasm).
  5. Still a problem with the latest version as of this date, 10.3.6 build 2001 public Really quite terrible. You can't even override it via macOS Keyboard system preference because of the app framework they're using now (no longer Mac native).
  6. Seriously, this is an invaluable Finder shortcut for any power user... They had this same "feature" in the private betas months ago, I wrote them about it and never got a reply. But then they took it out. But now they put it back in. I find myself only using Evernote these days when I have to. macOS Notes is my scratchpad I keep open 24/7. Let me us know if you fix this, Evernote. (Hint: unlikely.)
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