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  1. I've read elsewhere that saving a search of a notebook shared to you is not currently supported.
  2. I have experienced a freeze in the Mac clipper on occasion, but was not able to reproduce it consistently until last week. I was running Evernote Mac 3.0.0 Beta 1 on OS 10.6.8. The open applications were Mail, Chrome, iCal and Evernote. To reproduce the freeze, you can skip either step 1 or step 3 but not both: (1) While in Chrome or iCal (not Mail), move the cursor to the top edge of the screen. (2) Type command-control-C. (3) Move the crosshairs past the top of the screen. (4) Try to move the crosshairs into a window. Effect: The crosshairs are frozen all or most of the time. Sometimes they free up briefly but then freeze again. It becomes very hard to select a rectangle to clip. A click in a window sometimes clips it all, as it should, but sometimes does nothing. Workaround: Press escape and start over. Note: I have an external monitor to the right of the main monitor but all of the above was happening on the main monitor. I am wondering if other users can reproduce this, and if so, whether it's hampered their use of EN. Larry Tesler
  3. For to-do list notebooks, you could adopt this personal convention: Start each to-do note title with a priority code, like "P1-", "P2-", P3-", "P4-", "P5-". When you view that notebook, sort it by title. When priorities change, edit the titles. Advantage: You can search for "P2-" to see all priority two notes. Disadvantages: More work than dragging. Less fine-grained control of note order. Or use Reqall for to-do list management. It can integrate with Evernote.
  4. You said, "I see that I can search using words but not tags." As you appear to have discovered later, the iPhone/iPod Touch client has an Advanced Search that can search by tags.
  5. Or in Mixed View or Thumbnail View, click the "Notes by ..." area atop the second column (the "header" column), check "Title" in the drop down menu, uncheck "Reverse sort order".
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