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  1. Are you largely looking for something to: 1. Show what search criteria you've added 2. Clear your search altogether I need both. I need to see the current search criteria and the ability to completely clear all current search criteria. In the current beta it seems I have to click into a different notebook to reset search.
  2. I applaud the effort to evolve EN. The current incarnation of the Favorites bar isn't doing much for me, but I can see how it could become something useful. I think it might allow me to hide the side navigation bar if it had a drop down selector for Saved Searches in addition to the Notebook drop down. Being able to drag a individual Saved Search to the Favorites bar would be nice as well. However, I'm struggling without the old Search Explanation and Reset functionality. I rely primarily on tag and key word searches to locate what I'm looking for - I use notebooks as general filing buckets. The Search Explanation functionality gave me a clear way of knowing exactly what search criteria was currently in play. Having a count of the notes returned by the current search criteria was very handy. The Reset button gave me a definitive way of clearing the board and starting a search from a known point. Now that my note count is getting fairly substantial (~2k), having a quick and clear view of my current search criteria is essential. As it stands now, I'm finding it nearly impossible to tell at any given time exactly what criteria is driving the displayed notes. Please restore the old Search Explanation functionality - or something that provides the same capabilities. I may not be able to continue using EN without it.
  3. I would be happy with the addition of "Remove tag from selected notes" when right-clicking on a tag. The existing "Remove tag from all notes" is fine for killing a tag - but doesn't help with the application/removal of tags from selected notes
  4. Doesn't look like shortcut keys work properly yet. Any word on getting that fixed?
  5. I have tried using the "copy/paste" method of getting messages from Mail and into EN. It works fine for getting the email header and body into the body of the note and the email's subject line into the note title. What it doesn't do - and what I really need it to do - is to add any email attachments to the note as attached files. Of course, dragging an email from Mail and dropping it onto EN dock icon will put the full email (with attachments) into a note as an attached .eml file. This is fine except that you then need something like Mail or Outlook to read the attached file - EN on iOS can't handle it.
  6. In addition to Safari clipper issue noted above, EN shortcuts only work when the main EN window has focus. New Note shortcut does not create new note when EN does not have focus. When I select EN window after pressing New Note shortcut a new note window appears shortly after EN window comes to front. After a little testing, Paste and Clip Full Screen are acting the same as New Note. Clip Rectangle allows you to select the clip area, but a new note containing the clipped area doesn't appear until I click on the main EN window. Pressing Search in Evernote shortcut does not bring EN window to front. I am running EN Version 2.2.2 (156801) on Lion GM.
  7. I have experienced a nagging file attachment problem with EN OS X (Version 2.0.4 (127827) and EN Win (Version (127835)). I often append a date to a file name for versioning purposes (e.g. "somespreadsheet 20110221.xlsx"). I have several notes with more than one version of the file attached. There has been at least three occasions (on both platforms) that I open one version of the file from the note to view or edit. After saving the file (file saved to the note - I get the EN growl message "Note XXXX has been updated..."), I see that other files on the note have been overwritten by the save. Meaning, if the note originally had "somespreadsheet 20110219.xlsx" and "somespreadsheet 20110221.xlsx" and I opened the last version I might come back to the note and both files would be named "somespreadsheet 20110221.xlsx" and when opened would be identical. If not caught, the problem note will replicate through my systems - making it very difficult to recover from the error. To protect myself, I have had to create a separate note for each file version. Needless to say, this is not a very workable or sustainable solution. I have not noticed this problem on notes that contain multiple files but the files are of different types. I have not noticed this on notes that contain multiple files of the same type but with very different names. Of course, I have almost 1k notes and there may well be problems lurking out there - a very disturbing thought.
  8. Ater creating a new note, the cursor is placed in the Title field. In the Win version, tabbing moves you through the various attribute and tag fields, skipping the formatting options before getting to the note body. In the Mac version, tabbing from the Title field takes you through attributes, tags, and every formatting option before getting to the note body. Please take the formatting options out of the tab order in the Mac version. EN is a great product, but there are several Mac usability issue (which I have reported in this forum) that make it painful on the Mac.
  9. EN - any word on a fix for this issue? It's killing me on the Mac.
  10. Evernote - any response to the issues noted below? If there is a better way for me to report issues, please let me know. Bug: EN Mac Tag Tree Issues by ryinsf on Sat Jan 16, 2010 10:19 pm EN Mac Version 1.6.2 Beta 1 (70501) Issue 1 - When I click on a Saved Search, the Tag tree will expand if it is collapsed. This does not happen in the Windows version. It is very annoying as there seems to be no way of changing the listing order of the Notebooks, Tags, Attributes, and Saved Searches trees. As I primarily use Saved Searches to find what I'm looking for, I like to collapse all trees above the Saved Search tree. The self-expanding Tag tree pushes Saved Searches down and causes me to go digging to get back to my search list. Ideally, I could reorder the trees so that I could put Saved Searches at the top (or at least directly under Notebooks). Issue 2 - In the Saved Search tree, a previously selected Search will "hang" and not be deselected when another Search is clicked. Seems to happen most often when the previously selected Search is the last in the list, but can happen anywhere in the list. The newly selected Search operates with no problems. Last edited by ryinsf on Sat Jan 30, 2010 12:04 am, edited 1 time in total. ryinsf Posts: 2 Joined: Sat Jan 16, 2010 10:02 pm
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