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  1. Just out of curiosity, did you create an entirely new tag on the Mac before adding it to a note, or add a tag that you had created previously? Adding additional tags to notes works fine for me, it's only newly created tags (ones created with the desktop app) that don't show up on my Droid.
  2. Great work on the new android app! Just one small problem with tagging - after the last android app update I could see all of tags that I created in the Windows version. Recently, I noticed that tags created on the desktop AFTER I updated the mobile app do not appear on my phone. It seems as though the list of tags that Android "sees" is never updated after it's installed. The notes themselves are present, but the tag field is empty. The same notes on the windows version have the correct tags. Android app = 1.4 (84727) on Droid Windows = (85292) on XP
  3. I’m having a bit of trouble with tags. It appears as though tags I create with the desktop software (version do not appear on the android app (version 1.3, updated this morning, running on a Motorola Droid). For example, I created a text note called “Test” and I tagged it as “personal” on the desktop. When I open that same note on the android app and select ‘note info’ there is no tag associated with the note. If I select ‘append text’ I have the option of selecting a tag from a list, but the only tags listed are ones I created in the android app. Interestingly, if I type in a tag as a search term the app finds the correct notes so I think the information is there. I’m a noob with evernote so there’s a good possibility that the problem is operator error. I’d appreciate if anyone can help with this. Great software by the way. I’m already using it far more than I expected!
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