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  1. Hello Evernote forum, About 2 weeks ago, my free Evernote account has become unusable through the web client, the Evernote app on my Macbook pro, and the Evernote app on my iPhone. On my Macbook Pro running Mojave version version 10.14.6 if I try to access Evernote through Chrome, the page is blank and I will eventually get a Chrome error message that the page is unresponsive. If using Safari, the page loads - very slowly - but freezes within 5 to 10 seconds. As in, I can get in a couple of mouse clicks before the page freezes and no longer responds to any mouse actions or the keyboard. Using the same computer, if I try to access Evernote using the app (version 7.14), the app opens and I see my notes, then within a few seconds, I see the spinning color wheel. I'm able (this morning, anyway), to edit the first note but it's very slow. If I type a sentence, there's a delay before seeing the letters on the screen and the spinning color wheel often appears. Updating my grocery list isn't practical. On my iPhone 7, version 12.4.1, I can open the app and open the first note but making edits is very slow and caused the note to go blank except for the title, then reappear with the edits I'd made. I had the app on my Galaxy S9+ running Android version 10 but was unable to access or change notes when opening the app, so about 2 weeks ago, I removed it and downloaded the app onto my Macbook Pro thinking my Galaxy might be the problem. The app was more usable on my iPhone at the time but as described above, it's now very very slow on the iPhone as well. Happy to provide more information. Thank you! Scott
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