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  1. yes reinstall did not change, using Android 6 with Xiaomi Mi Mix phone running MIUI launcher.
  2. hi. when i add a widget - i hold on the desktop - then the menu comes up - i choose widgets - evernote - two icons are displayed. once places the note list, the other places a 5 item toolbar. i want the 1x1 audio note but it is not available as a choice.
  3. hello - 1x1 icons missing in my version of evernote widgets - using a new phone Xiaomi Mi Mix using Mi launcher - please advise hot to get the 1x1 audio recorder icon displayed. No SD card involved.
  4. can't we just say we would REALLY like to have this feature and leave it at that? they don't seem willing to say if it is a technical or a management decision, until we do we cannot know. I would really like to be able to group my searchable notes in bundles together so i can find them in groups by browsing in addition to the searching method, i hope others would as well. brad
  5. i would also like to know how to copy 5 complete notes from one notebook to another. evernote support uses this information to check on bug reports so they are not duplicates, they are examples of the issue i am experiencing. cutting and pasting the contents would destroy the history of the note and not show the issue, and i can't move them because they are needed. I am using Windows Evernote.
  6. adding a vote for improved sound quality from iphone voice notes - difficult to understand them, using speechpad now until this is improved - thanks! brad
  7. is that quote from the doc also another outdated feature that has been removed? i can't say i see the point of a saved search if it does not allow you to determine the scope of the search, but can only take a random scope based on wherever you happen to be when you click the button. sounds like another keyboard macro i have to write... brad
  8. what is the search grammar for searching across all notebooks please? i have read the documentation and it simply says: "If no notebook is given, the search will go over all of the user's active notes." however this does not work: notebook: "all about me" nor does this: notebook:"" "all about me" please advise how to force a saved search (or any search) to all folders/all notes, thanks brad
  9. in my opinion, tab should work in evernote like most plain text editors (assuming fixed font) - you should tab to the character underneath the position where there is a character on the previous line, that way you can line up any columns you want..
  10. dave, when i search for _sb on iphone per your instructions, search returns 56 items when there is only 1 match in the windows application - and the underscore is stripped form the search term. is this proper behavior or not?
  11. dave - thanks for the details and i agree you need an effective indexing system but you also need a backup system when your indexing system fails, which is the case here. if i put something in quotes like "30%" you should do a full on search of everything in the database, the choice to go slow was one that i made based on the specific requirement of the quotes. i agree you need a method to make things fast but i suggest you add an alternate method to make things "accurate". if you don't, we can't "remember everything"... brad
  12. i searched for at&t in google now and it worked just fine, it does not work in EN.
  13. just curious why such a limitation was put in place? there are a lot of other characters besides letters and numbers that makeup a database, anyone know the reason they chose to make it impossible to search for such a large percentage of them? so i can't search for 30% or AT&T or brad@me.com or A++ those all will fail because they involve punctuation?
  14. hmm, so how is a search for punctuation characters achieved? like looking for markers such as "$$$"?
  15. when i search for the phrase "sb$" in iphone it changes it to "sb" - this might be a bug? how can i search for the phrase sb$ ? thanks
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