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  1. yes reinstall did not change, using Android 6 with Xiaomi Mi Mix phone running MIUI launcher.
  2. hi. when i add a widget - i hold on the desktop - then the menu comes up - i choose widgets - evernote - two icons are displayed. once places the note list, the other places a 5 item toolbar. i want the 1x1 audio note but it is not available as a choice.
  3. hello - 1x1 icons missing in my version of evernote widgets - using a new phone Xiaomi Mi Mix using Mi launcher - please advise hot to get the 1x1 audio recorder icon displayed. No SD card involved.
  4. can't we just say we would REALLY like to have this feature and leave it at that? they don't seem willing to say if it is a technical or a management decision, until we do we cannot know. I would really like to be able to group my searchable notes in bundles together so i can find them in groups by browsing in addition to the searching method, i hope others would as well. brad
  5. odd - never occurred to me the repository where you keep all of your information would not work as your todo list manager - you keep everything else there, why not this? thought that was the main reason for all this sync activity between machines. brad
  6. well how can you have a todo list without high priority items that are at the top of the list? hence the numbering system. so i need a number for each of the high priority todo items and lower numbers for the other items in descending order since i have no folder to put these items in based on how important they are. brad
  7. that helps - so note titles, tags and making multiple notes into a single note are the keys to your organization. i archive my emails as well - is there a tag for incoming email so it goes in it's own notebook? i'm stating to see how business and personal and email could each be different notebooks and it seems long note names are the key to finding those entries. still wish it were easier to prioritize items though rather than having to rename them "001 " and such. thanks brad
  8. engberg, yes it does not pay to organize too much - unless you need the information to make sense while browsing. it sounds like you are saying that every sentence in a word processing document can be in a random order as long as you have a search engine to help you find the sentence you want. thats great if you want a sentence, but what if you want to read the entire document start to finish by browsing the heirarchy (table of contents)? what if you don't know exactly what you are looking for? what if you know the general area but not the specific search terms? what if a search comes up with too many matches? subfolders solve all of these issues. i don't agree on the google/web analogy because the next time you search the information may change - the web is dynamic, my information is personal and only i change it, so i like to know where it is exactly so i can jump right to the proper spot when the time comes. This is why i'm having trouble understanding the rigidness of evernote, and why a simple concept like subfolders to tuck items away in their proper place is so unknown. seems to me you have not decided if you are random or organized information manager. if you are organized - you need folders so we can organize these notes into places where like things stay together, and then use the powerful search when we are looking across all items. if you are random, let us move items anywhere we want to and don't sort them automatically - and again we can use the search or browse as we choose. burgers, so your Miscellaneous notebook contains 100 entries for coffeemaker that you need to scroll thru to look at any one topic. you must also bypass 100 coffeemaker notes to get to the next section under Miscellaneous, correct? so the more items you create, the more unweildy your Miscellaneous folder becomes? see, i have 7821 notes in probably 300 nested folders currently i am attempting to port to evernote, and i just can't see how randomly throwing them into the pile makes sense when they go together like children. yes all of my orders each month are in a single CSV file download. items and all that does not matter, as this data is used for searching customer names and order ID's only. however i browse it each month to make sure i have not missed a month. if you create huge long note titles as you suggest your data gets harder to manage as words fall off the right of the screen and more data equals more matches which compounds the problem. but i do see how you are trying to make a virtual folder from a tag, i still need to find out more about nested tags however, but thats a seperate post, thanks brad
  9. ok - so you are saying i should create hundreds of notebooks for each need, i'm assuming that will perform ok. is it possible to nest them inside each other - like business > product > sales records > 2009 >march i have been searching the forums as i start but cannot find a tutorial on nested tags for folder junkies - you seem to have mastered it - any advice is appreciated, thanks. brad
  10. give me an example of how tags emulate folders to organize items into a hierarchical structure so that when no filters are on i can see my high evel topics displayed on the top level and no others? heres an example. i download all of my web orders every month and place them in a folder called orders-2009 - how can i do this with tags - keep them separate from other items and show me visually if i am missing a month because they stay in date order while the rest if the database is in item name order? basically like file folders i need the details to hide away in their folders until i search for them or navigate to that folder, and this system seems like all of your papers are just in a big pile in the middle of the floor. this will help me understand - thanks brad
  11. i agree - please add folders. everything works with folders - windows, DOS, FTP, info select, microsoft project, iPhone except the stupid ipod section) - please allow us to organize in a tree structure so i can put things where they belong - why do i need to see my list of contacts at the same level as my todo list all mixed together? i understand tags but why tag when you don't need to search all the time? i want to browse to my sections and update my notes, being search centric is sometimes a liability - like for people who can't spell! thanks brad
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