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  1. mac (Archived) Evernote Window Disappears/Reappears

    I just happened to me Sunday with 5.0.5 on my SnowLeopard machine at home. I was just opening notes filtered on a tag one after another, and moving some to a different folder. Sounds like what hbflyte was experiencing also. Cannot reproduce it reliably but I will keep trying.
  2. mac (Archived) Tags in new Mac version

    This problems seems to have gone away. Thanks!
  3. When browsing through notes in Evernote 5.0.4 on Mac running Snow Leopard, The Evernote window will occasionally disappear. Oddly if I wait a few seconds it usually reappears on its own. Or, I can click on the Window->Evernote from the menu to get it back. The disappearing happens when I select new note. I am using list view with the preview pane showing.
  4. I've had some trouble with the new Mac version when editing tags. In the screen cap attached I typed "Travel" and it came up as "lleevvaarrTT". I typed this while the app was "thinking" like it seems to do a lot more in this version. I've seen this happen several times when entering tags, both from the 3-pane main view, and the info popup. I am running on SnowLeopard, on an older Mac. Maybe I no longer have enough power for Evernote client? Any ideas?
  5. I can sort of do this now with "New Evernote Window", but tabs would be nicer IMO. I am looking for two independent views into my notebooks. One window looking at a notebook in "card view" and another looking at another notebook in list view. Currently on the Mac client there is some weirdness where if I try to change the sort order on the Card view in one window, it changes the sort order in the other window instead.
  6. This simple feature would make it easier to categorize notes within a notebook, and make the interface more attractive leading to more sales of premium accounts. :-) I know it is possible to edit the enex file to set background color, but having it right in the UI for Mac and Windows would be sweet.
  7. Each notebook should have and remember its own sort order. (This was already asked for in the Windows forum but I use it on Mac also).