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  1. So, if the Free version uses a cache, does that mean that if I empty the cache I lose those notes? It's not really "syncing"? Sorry, but as great as EN can be, I will NOT be paying $45 to have offline access to my notes. There are better FREE options available for Android already.
  2. Sorry, but this isn't quite clear to me, and I'm hoping it can be cleared up. I see in the description of the new Beta version the following: "In addition, whenever a note is viewed or created on the device, it will be stored offline for easy access even when there is no network connectivity. This feature is available for both free and premium users." and then: "If you have an Evernote Premium account, then you will be able to specify the notebooks that you want to be saved for offline viewing. Evernote will then download all the notes contained in those notebooks, including any attached images and files, and saves them all onto your device's SD card." What exactly is the difference? If I am _online_ and use the EN app, and I view all of my notes (lets say I only have 3 or 4 to start), those notes will still be available to me when I go OFFLINE with a FREE account? I create a note on my phone while I am _offline_ (Free account). When I go _online_ will it sync? What, really, is the difference between Free and Premium for having notes on the Android device when _offline_?
  3. Hey, Heather, this "reason" for not giving us offline access to notes suddenly doesn't hold any water. Evernote for iPhone Update Adds Offline Notebooks, Better Search Functions - http://lifehacker.com/5433797/evernote- ... -functions So, when will Android users have this functionality, or are you concerned we will be irresponsible and run up our cell phone bills?
  4. Um... you know that camera app on your phone? Photos get saved to the SD. Same with Video. They are not hidden or encrypted. The adobe PS app... saved to SD. Not hidden or encrypted. Twidroid... SD. GDocs... SD. That's just a cursory glance at my HTC Magic SD card using the Astro file manager. This is not just an Evernote thing. By the way... you do realize that one of the big features of Android phones (being made by Google) is about living "in the cloud"? Your contacts, calendar, and email (Gmail) all being synced to your Google account (unless you turn it off)? Maybe Android isn't really the platform for you. ;-)
  5. I would argue that the majority of smart phone/former Palm users _don't_ want a web/cloud notebook app, we just want a notebook app. Until batteries are awesome, and cellphone bills are lower, and WiFi is everywhere for free, we won't be online 24/7, so being able to see your notes _offline_ just seems, well, like _basic_ functionality. To be clear, I'm not some Evernote Newb who came here _because_ of the app, rather, I've been using Evernote for a couple of years now. I use it every day at work to keep track of projects, and I have a portable version on my USB drive of portable apps for lists and notes on the go. But I don't actually sync _any_ of my notes with the online server. I have never used it because my notes are where I need them, on my computer. I don't want to sync them, period. Now that I have an Android phone, however, it means that I could actually make use of the sync option. Not to have them online, however, but to get them _to_ my desktop version! At the moment, there is no native Android notebook app that sync notes with a desktop app the way we could with the Palm. The closest is NoteEverything, which lets us import/export from/to the SD card (and then manually grab those files while plugged into the PC). If I wanted an app that would let me sync my notes to the cloud as a backup, I'd just use the GDocs app with Google Docs and be done with it.
  6. Hey, Evernote devs, here's what some people are saying about this app in another forum: http://androidforums.com/android-applic ... post193770
  7. Will Evernote allow for Favourites for Android users? If so, when?
  8. Then you should allow for the creation of a "mobile" notebook, so users can be sure that the only one notebook is syncing, and not all. 3Banana allows for offline notes, and the only difference is that 3banana doesn't have multiple notebooks (they use tags). Your comment about $2000 bills assumes that users would sync all their notebooks every time they connect. It doesn't have to be this way. Let me make and view notes on my phone, I can do a master sync with my notebooks via wifi once to get everything I want synced, and then whenever I choose to sync after that point, only _changes_ will be synced. You could also allow us to specify _which_ notebooks to sync. Until/unless I can see my notes offline, I will be uninstalling and leaving it in the market place with a 1 star rating and my comment about needing offline notes.
  9. Okay, Evernote devs, I love Evernote, and I have been waiting sooooo long for Evernote for Android, so when I saw the announcement this morning that it was finally out of beta and available in the Market Place, I rushed right in and installed it. It looks slick, it has lots of great options and functions, BUT.... You can't view notes _offline_!!! That is a MAJOR fail. Not everyone keeps their phone online all the time, some of us don't even want to go online just to see our notes. It's even possible that there will be times we don't have WiFi, _or_ data carrier access (like on the subway, or in certain areas), in which case we will not be able to see our notes. It seems so backwards that I can _create_ notes when offline, but I can't _view_ those notes until I go online! LAME! Until this app allows users to keep notes on their SD card (like 3Banana does) it is useless to me. Such a shame. Please... PLEASE fix this!? :-)
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