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  1. @Jim Rogers I don't know what to say. At this point I've cancelled my renewal with Evernote and plan to move onto other options. I'm disappointed for several reasons. I've been an Evernote Premium user now for years. I've accepted the up/downs as the company has transitioned. I've even accepted the idea of higher fees. But, my benefits during this time have continually decreased (poor tech support, inadequate & delayed response via the forum, removal of supported apps such as Skitch, higher fees, and now technical issues). Enough is enough. It's regrettable that I feel Evernote has lost its way.
  2. I have to echo the same concerns here raised by BJD. While I appreciate a "workaround" that limits the promoted functionality, this should only be a temporary solution. This issue has been raised for many many months and I too and tired of having to work with tech support via an asynchronous chase my tail loop.
  3. Same issue here. When I upgraded to the Note 5 this summer from previous Android phones, I immediately noticed this issue with the document camera. What's the latest update?
  4. New to Evernote ... I took a picture from my Android and emailed it to Evernote. I see the business card in my account, but I was hoping to be able to search it using the name or company on the card. Nothing so far. The card appear clear to me for readability. 1) How do I know if an image has been processed for text conversion? .. is there an icon? 2) I saw another post that this conversion doesn't occur on the client notebooks if I place the image there first. Is this true? I would have thought that an image could have been originated from anywhere and after it was sync'ed it would be processed and updated across all platforms for text recognition.
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