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  1. Yep, getting pretty bored with this now. Evernote 5 has been out for a month and still no fix - disappointing.
  2. I spotted this problem with the beta, and reported it so it's a bit disappointing for it to still be in the final release. Especially after a bugfix update.
  3. Yep, I would also like to see checklists supported in Android and improved in the desktop client.
  4. Well done to all concerned! I am a premium Evernote user and thanks to this update of the Android app, I will remain so. 8)
  5. I also was not able to add a shortcut to one of my saved searches from the desktop client either. Hopefully this request and some of his other ones can be implemented in the next version! Great work, this is finally coming together. Now I might actually start using my Evernote Android app daily! When you're viewing any list of notes (you can get to the list from the search, tags, or notebooks screen), press the menu button on your device. There's an item called "Create Shortcut". Name the shortcut as you like and it will be added to the desktop. Awesome feature! This is the kind of stuff we need. If you can just add the ability to check off checkboxes now, my list wish list of features will be complete!
  6. Yes, me three. This is also a problem in the older Evernote app.
  7. +1 This is a huge leap forward over the previous version, and is going to be key in keeping Android users on Evernote. Offline notes is great as is the improved interface and speed improvements. Keep up the good work!
  8. If you just want local notes on the phone, try Note Everything. Julie Or it you want Notes in the cloud that sync with offline notes on your phone, try Springpad.
  9. This doesn't work on my Motorola Milestone (Android 2.1) either. Stuck on the lowest resolution (1MP).
  10. The problem is not the file size that Evernote is generating it's the IMAGE SIZE. Having a low-resolution image is useless when I need the full 5MP resolution. Please fix this. Yep, it's not just the file size. The image is tiny (something like 800x 600) when you see it in evernote (using the desktop client). When I open the camera normally, it says "5MP" on the left-hand side status bar. When I use the photo note in Evernote, the camera status bar shows "1MP". The problem is, there is no menu available when taking a picture with evernote so I can change the size, somehow the menus are disabled.
  11. Hi, just wondering if anyone knows why the photo size used by Evernote is 1MP? When I start the camera app normally, the default is 5MP, but in Evernote it's always 1MP and there is no way to change this. Is this a Milestone bug, a 2.1 bug, or an Evernote bug?
  12. The new widget is great! Only problem I have is that all the photos I create on my Motorola Milestone are still 1MP, where can I change this?
  13. Glad to hear that. I'm sticking around until the end of August, then I'm jumping ship if there are no significant improvements.
  14. Ok, it's mid-July 2010 now. There was a beta that basically just fixed the issue that the Evernote desktop client introduced back in May. Is there ever going to be new functionality that we are all crying out for in the Evernote Android client, or is this a polite way to try and move us all to other note-taking solutions, because that's exactly what I'll be doing in another few months if nothing turns up.
  15. Well, hopefully one day there will be another release. I'm not holding my breath.
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