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  1. Software Change Request: It'd be really helpful if when I long tap the Evernote icon on my iPad with the pencil, it knows I want it to open up in sketch mode. It currently takes four taps to reach this screen.
  2. Thank you PinkElephant. It's very reassuring to see that what I'm experiencing isn't normal. I'd rather it was a bug that can be resolved than something I have to live with. Yes you're using the pixel tool like a pro
  3. The app store on my iPhone (in the UK at least) is still on 8.24.5 Fingers crossed, I'll soon be able to download the version you have and this will resolve it.
  4. Thanks CalS. It's really jarring to live with (which is what drove me here)! If it is the beta version and it becomes the new standard, I can imagine everyone will complain. There's just no need for the button to be that long and float totally above the dock to the point it obscures the notes beneath. It's a dreadful design decision. I wonder why I have it on my phone though?!?!
  5. Hi DTLow. I hope note. No I downloaded it from the app store on my iPhone. (multiple times)! Just the normal version.
  6. Thank you Cals. that's really helpful. I'm running Evernote version (which is the latest version from the iOS app store). And my phone is a standard iPhone 11 running 13.4.1. I've uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled the Evernote app a dozen times, but it always does the same. It does the same in landscape mode too (see pic). Your screen grab is what I'd expect it to look like. Thank you again.
  7. My green 'plus' button has beefed up and floated north. Can someone please tell me if Evernote have done this to everyone's iPhone user interface or is it a bug maybe? (The iPad version remains "normal"). Thanks,
  8. Using iPhone 11 (13.4.1) and Evernote ( the green Add Note button on the black Tab Bar floats permanently above the notes obscuring them. Not only that, it takes up 50% of the width of the display because it has a "plus", followed by the words "New note" followed by an "up arrow". This happens in both portrait or landscape. I've uninstalled and reinstalled countless times. Please see attached screen grab. I was premium but went free because of this. All the online images I've found of how the UI is meant to look consistently show a green circle on the Tab Bar. Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks, Jon
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