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  1. I guess that feature parity for Linux (when they eventually release a client for Linux) would also be somewhat of a problem too... :?
  2. There has probably been a lot of threads on this. Yes, people want an Evernote desktop client on Linux, myself included. The Evernote devs have got their hands full with stuff though. But rather than complaining about it, I want to do something about it. And I've got a few ideas that might make it easier to port the Evernote client for Linux. Idea #1: Use a Wine wrapper to get the Windows version of Evernote onto Linux No, this isn't using Wine directly. I notice that Google Picasa did this. They used a compatibility layer (probably something like Wine) to get Picasa working on Linux. I suggest that Evernote does this too. Idea #2: Work with Crossover/Wine to get the Windows version working in Linux OK, so it isn't a native Linux client. But surely, the Evernote devs could go up to Wine/Crossover and help them to get Evernote up to a Platinum rating on Wine/Gold Rating in Crossover i.e. working flawlessly in both Wine and Crossover. Any other ideas to get Evernote working on Linux flawlessly
  3. Yes, I'd love a Linux port of Evernote. I would love to help, but I know next to nothing about any programming languages :-( so I can't exactly help with that.
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