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  1. I clipped a couple of articles online and highlighted important info/phrases from them, thinking I could later search by only my highlighted phrases and compile them either together, or in an easy to view list, but I can't seem to find anything. It would be so helpful if I could. I remember when I was in school and I needed to quote certain articles, I would have to go through every article I clipped and scroll to search for my highlighted text, cut/copy, and paste it into another note just so I could have a whole comprehensive list of all my points. It was a huge pain and a big time waster. To be able to search for a certain color of text, or highlight, would be awesome. For example, if I made something red, and wanted to pull up all the text I had made red. Hope that makes sense. I looked all over and couldn't find an answer to this! Any help would be appreciated.
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