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  1. Hi, I've always wondered why the numbered list function in the app doesn't seem to allow for sub-notes/sub-tasks? I've never seen a list that uses a 1. for the subtask as well. Here is an example subtask Apparently this text editor does it the same as evernote. What I would expect from a numbered list would be that subtasks would be noted by something different than just reusing the original number or bullet. If I'm not describing it right, I've attached two screenshots from Word, which is how I've always seen tasks/subtasks done. Am I not understanding?
  2. That's amazing! That flow! 😄 Thanks for the 2020 update. I've always used a similar method to the one you describe above (evernote, gmail, & google/Icloud calendar), but I never considered having gmail send certain emails to your evernote general box. Do you originate that from gmail using a filter and "forward to"? Do you have Google sending the note to your evernote email address, and then evernote places in your default folder? Just being sure I understand! I've also looked into filterize and it looks fantastic. Do you use the free or paid version? I didn't want to pay, but wasn't
  3. Me checking out TickTick: me: tick tick Google: Tik tok? me: ticktick Google: Tik tok
  4. Function for archiving old notes? 😃
  5. i love the reminders, however I feel like this feature needs to be expanded. I was so excited to find reminders in evernote, but I would really find them more useful if they could be repeated. For example, I work with SEO. I have an analytics report saved, but would like to be automatically reminded every 2 weeks to run the report again and update the contents of the note.
  6. ETep0715


    Hello! I would like an option for adding more color. As I am a visual learner, I would like to be able to color code my list of notes. And/or a kanban style board. Or, have the option to color code different tags. I was actually quite surprised that these features don't already exist, because I have become accustom to using these features in many other apps.
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