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  1. I used to heavily rely on the Outlook clipper in a past workflow that I'm trying to get back to today, but I noticed that the new clipper for Outlook is a lot more friction-full. Is there a hidden URL somewhere on the EN website where I can download the old clipper for Outlook (desktop version)? I can't remember if it came bundled as part of the EN for Windows installation or if one had to install it separately, but it would really be amazing to be able to go back to it. Alternatively, does anyone know how to do the following with the new clipper? 1) Use keyboard shortcuts to finally close/save the "Save to Evernote" dialog, and 2) disable the automatic showing of the newly created note after close/save. I remember being able to drive the old clipper entirely by keybaord, and I remember there was an option to disable showing the saved note in the end.
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