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  1. I getting duplicate notes fairly regularly, esp when I edit in IOS (10.5.1) and then go to that note on Mac desktop (10.9.10). As best I can tell the note isn't syncing on IOS before I open the desktop. I go to IOS to check if the data is still there, then it syncs, and then a duplicate note is created.
  2. When I'm trying to concentrate on writing, it's very distracting to have the "Saving..." and "All changes saved" constantly changing back and forth. I understand the need to see if notes are updated, but there has to be a less distracting way to indicate this - or let those that want to hide the bottom status bar do so. I've resorted to moving the window to the bottom of my monitor so I can't see the status bar and/or typing notes in a different app and then copying and pasting into Evernote.
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