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  1. Actually, the best option is to sync your computer/device before making any changes, then syncing the computer/device after making any changes thereby eliminating conflicting notes altogether. Thanks BnF... I'm a very early, Premium user of EN... with lots of experience with it's charms... and warts. I couldn't agree more with general guidance "synch each note after modification, on each platform... bla bla bla... or you'll be sorry". Because that's what I do -- every time I make a change on any of 4 my platforms. And, oh, by the way, so many things can and do go wrong to delay/prevent/abort/postpone a specific sync operation in clown- cloud-based architectures that when things do go wrong.... there is a huge burden placed on the User (me) to fix it. Thousands of EN Users are 'in the ditch' right now... many may not even know it. EN developers should take a peek at some open source software to see if it can be used as a model to remove this one huge dissatisfier amongst it's loyal, heavy users. Perhaps it's possible to economically remove this one, last, HUGE issue that bites me infrequently but with a significant impact. (Recall from comment above, I already practice safe-syncing... and still end up in the ditch a couple times a year.) I've never had to resolve three (3) conficting versions of a note before. Let's see how much time it takes... maybe I'll post my results here. I plan to evaluate and potentially use this product: http://winmerge.org/about/ check it out. (And wish me well.) Cheers... John PS: I just discovered the EN *MERGE* function which automatically CONCATENATES any number of notes into one... but does not do the sophisticated match/merge function that we need. It should be called the CONCATENATE function. See: http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2012/11/09/quick-tip-friday-merging-notes/
  2. This appears to be a problem looking for a solution. Perhaps Evernote Development can concoct a utility function that allows N versions of a 'conflicted' note to be 'merged' inside a temporary 'workspace'. Then allow the User (me) to simply point/click... or drag/drop ... the most current updates into a New Master version of the Note? I'd like to think that is on your development backlog. ;-) It beats the User (me) having to find a general purpose Match/Merge tool and doing it myself. PS: I have 4 'spokes' -- 2 macs, 1 win7, and 1 iphone -- in terms of EN architecture. I also have 3 versions of my most used note to reconcile... in conflicted status. (Argh!!... that won't take LONG!). Thanks. John
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