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  1. Is there a way to designate a single notebook, one that is not synched to my cloud Evernote account, to be a Truecrypt volume...or do I have to designate the entire Evernote database as a Truecrypt volume in order to protect it? It can be a slight hassle to get in and out of a Truecrypt volume if you are trying to access information that does not need to be held securely. It also makes it difficult to pull up your database if you are not on a computer that has Truecrypt on it. With a small Evernote database held in a Truecrypt volume that is then stored in Dropbox, (along with the mobile Truecrypt version) I could get to it and it would also be protected. What is the name or location of the Evernote data file in Windows? If you can't single out an individual notebook, I am considering having a separate user name/Evernote account for secure files only that would be held in a Truecrypt volume for those few files I want encrypted.
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